Child Tracker with Emergency Notifications using IBM Cloud

Child tracker helps the parents in continuously monitoring the child's location.

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Project Description

Child tracker helps the parents in continuously monitoring the child's location. They can simply leave their children in  school or parks and create a geofence around the particular location. By continuously checking the child's location notifications will be generated if the child crosses the geofence. Notifications will be sent according to the child's location to their parents or caretakers. The entire location data will be stored in the database.

Technical Architecture:

Project Activities

Skills you will develop

  • IBM Cloud
  • IBM IoT Platform
  • IBM Nodered
  • IBM Cloudant DB


Divya Nemuri
Divya Nemuri

Sr. IoT Developer

Mentor Rating star-fill4.8 / 5 (6)

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American University of Sharja, Sharja,UAE

It was a fruitful experience. A clear road map was provided to follow throughout the project along with an in-depth introduction of the packages required. The guided labs were extremely helpful and easy to follow.

Harshitha Josyula

GITAM University,Hyderabad, India

The Guided Projects were not only based on solving real world problems but were also really informative, the smartinternz platform has each and every step in detail and even though if we were stuck at any point the Mentors would help us to resolve all our queries. overall it was a great experience.

Anuraag Moharana

College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

I took Part of Aritificial Intelligence Guided Project from Smartinternz, it was a wonderful experience and highly motivating, It's a very innovative and smart platform for internships. It provides smarter ways of guiding and interacting with participants and educating through guided labs and projects. It really helped me in giving a boost to my career.