Program Overview
"By 2025, close to 70% of employees are expected to use data heavily in their job, up from 40% in 2018. However, only 40% of employees say that their organization has provided them with the data skills expected for their role. (source)"

How can universities support students to ensure their competitiveness and readiness in an increasingly data-centric workplace?

SmartBridge, in collaboration with Tableau has launched a data visualisation and storytelling challenge to teach Australian educators in data analytics using Tableau. This is with the goal of supporting Australian educators in learning and delivering knowledge on data skills and literacy towards the students of today.

The program contains 15 hours of online instructor-led training on data visualisation and storytelling, followed by a 10-day challenge to develop visualisation dashboards and stories utilising the given data resources.

All Australian educators teaching in higher education institutions, irrespective of their field of specialisation are eligible to apply for the this program.

5 Day Hands-on Training01

  • 15 hrs. of online instructor-led training
  • Access Tableau Educator licence & eLearning resources
  • Hands-on with Tableau Desktop & Tableau learning tools
  • Explore the datasets, build visualisation dashboards and create data stories
  • Receive certificate of completion

10 Day Datathon02

  • Choose a data resource from the given list
  • Build visualisation dashboards & stories
  • Expert mentoring sessions
  • Top 3 educators will be featured and they will receive in-kind prizes & certificate of recognition

Tableau for Teaching (TfT)
Teach data skills across all disciplines and levels in your classroom for free.

Tableau's Academic Programs have enabled more than 1.9 million students and teachers from accredited institutions around the world, across disciplines, with critical data skills. Tableau for Teaching (TfT) offers complimentary software, learning resources, and curriculum to help instructors teach data skills that are essential in today's global economy.

Program Details


  • Introduction to Tableau and Data Visualisation
  • Overview of Tableau Data Connections
  • Overview of sheets, Dashboards and Stories in Tableau
  • Connecting Tableau with different data sources
  • Tableau basics

  • Creating Visualisations using graphs and tables
  • Tableau data blending and calculations
  • Formatting The Visualisations
    • Working with Filters
    • Introduction to maps
    • Map Options
    • Map Layers
    • Custom Territories
    • Custom Geocoding
    • Plotting religion wise population on maps
    • Plotting vehicles registration on maps
    • Working with Highlights and actions

    • Getting started with dashboard and stories
    • Building a dashboard
    • Dashboard objects
    • Dashboard formating
    • Dashboard interactivity using actions
    • Device designer
    • Story points

    • Building a dashboard for business use case

    • Program Launch: 27 June 2022
    • Registration Ends: 16 July 2022
    • Hands-on Training: 18 July - 22 July 2022
    • Datathon: 25 July - 05 Aug 2022
    • Winner Announcement: 20 Aug 2022
    How to Participate?

    Must be a Current Educator

    You must be a current Educator associated with an accredited acedemic institution at the time of submission.

    Download and Activate Tableau Desktop

    As an educator, you're eligible for a free Tableau Desktop / Tableau Prep license through Tableau for Educators/Tableau for Teaching.

    Access Tableau eLearning

    Tableau eLearning is a web-based training that you can consume at you own pace. Complete the learning paths to build and advance your skills with Tableau Desktop.

    Attend 5 Days Bootcamp

    Attend 5 Days live instructor-led hands-on training on Tableau Desktop to understand the features and work with a real use-case to create vizzes.

    Enroll for a challenge

    Choose any domain of your interest and enroll for the challenge. Download the dataset and create data viz and story.

    Submit through Tableau Public

    You must publish your visualisation, dashboard and story to your Tableau Public profile. Make sure that the data you're using can be shared publicly.

    To be eligible to enter the challenge, at the time of registration you must:

    • Be working as an educator with an accredited academic institution in Australia.
    • Produce a valid identity proof to confirm your current status as a Educator.
    • Sponsor reserves the right to verify eligibility and to adjudicate on any dispute at any time.
    • You must publicise your viz, dashboard and story to your Tableau Public profile no later than the end of the submission period.
    • Image/PDF copy of viz, dashboard and story shall be uploaded to the GitHub repository.
    • Demonstration video link to be made available in the Demo Link option given in workspace.
    • Limit of One entry per one person, if multiple submissions are received per person, only the most recent submission will be considered.
    • Creativity (25 points) : Does the viz present insights in an interesting way?
    • Analytical Depth (25 points) : Is the data employed in a way to explore better?
    • Refinement & Design (25 points) : Is the visualisation appealing, relevant and effective?
    • Storytelling (25 points) : Is the story around the visualisation is clear, effective and relevant?

    Latest updates of the event will be announced in this section.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No. Tableau Global Datathon is completely free.

    Yes, you can be part of this event even if you don’t have coding knowledge.

    No, This program is for individual faculties only, team participation is not acceptable.

    The Bootcamp will be organized online via Zoom. You will receive an email with a Zoom meeting link a day before Bootcamp.

    Yes, SmartBridge mentor will be there to support you while working on the project.

    You can connect with our mentor through Slack channel provided in your workspace.

    No, a participant is allowed to work on only one theme.

    A certificate of completion will be provided to you upon valid project submission.