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Registrations Closed 28th Sept 2020(Last Date)

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About GuruCool

Join together | Explore Tech | Build Solutions

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

We often gather to build something towards great causes. We come together for hackathons and workshops and faculties from schools and colleges support their students whole-heartedly, with complete mentorship and sometimes with those kick-ass ideas.

But, rarely do they get the limelight or the deserved recognition or even the time to work on a complete solution. So this time IBM invites faculties from all over the country for a unique program designed only for them.

A month long Training & Project Build-a-Thon for you dear teacher, to work on your best ideas with support from IBM and SmartBridge mentors. Learn, upskill and collaborate to work on a project.

Program Structure

Hands-on Learning followed by project building.

Exciting Benefits

Not just learning !! Lot more exciting benefits.

Design Thinking Workshops

Earn IBM Skill Badges

Free Access to IBM Cloud

Free Access to IBM Academic Initiative Courseware & Software

Tech Mentor & Industry Leader Connect

Prizes for the best projects developed by the faculty

Special Prizes under different categories

Participation Certificate from IBM

Important Dates



Last Date of Registration



6 Days Training Program Starts



6 Days Training Program Ends



Project Build-a-Thon Starts



Project Build-a-Thon Ends



Winner Announcement, Certificate Distribution etc.

Program Agenda

6-Days Hands-on Training; Virtual Program via WebEx : Timings 4:00PM to 8:00PM

Day-1: Cognitive Computing, Visual Recognition & Image Classification 28th September 2020

  • Introduction to Cognitive Computing
  • IBM’s Cognitive Point of View – Solving Real-Life Problems
  • Building Cognitive Applications
  • IBM Watson AI Services

  • Computer Vision & Image Recognition
  • Introduction to IBM Visual Recognition
  • Introduction to IBM Watson Studio
  • Explore IBM Visual Recognition Service
  • Work on Pre-Trained models
  • Create and Deploy Custom Visual Recognition Models
  • Build an Image Recognition Application with Node-RED

Building custom Image Classification using Visual Recognition service

Day-2: Conversation AI Platforms, Business Bots, Speech Recognition & Analysis 29th September 2020

  • Conversation & Speech Recognition
  • Conversation AI Platforms
  • Introduction to IBM Watson Assistant
  • Dialog Skill and Search Skill
  • Create your first assistant – powered chatbot

  • Introduction to STT & TTS Services
  • Building Custom Speech Recognition Models
  • Getting Started with Text-to-Speech Service
  • Understanding Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)
  • Introduction to Language Translator
  • Introduction to Tone Analyzer

Build a web based chatbot with Voice input & Output

Day-3: Data Insights, Text Analytics, Smart Applications 30th September 2020

  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • Watson Natural Language Understanding
  • Explore Knowledge Catalog & NLU Services
  • Introduction to Watson Discovery
  • Create a Cognitive News Search Application
  • Bring your Own data to Watson Discovery
  • Integrate Watson Discovery with Chatbot

Build a Customer Help Desk powered by Watson Discovery Service

Day-4: Machine Learning, Auto AI and IBM Watson Studio 01st October 2020

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Getting Started with Watson Studio
  • Explore Various services in Watson Studio
  • Explore Watson Machine Learning Service
  • Develop a Machine Learning Model using Auto AI
  • Deploy Machine Learning Model as a Webservice

Build & Deploy Machine Learning Models with Watson Studio

Day-5: Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud App Development 02nd October 2020

  • Internet of Things (IoT), IoT Platforms
  • Introduction to Watson IoT Platform
  • Work with IoT Sensor Simulator
  • Data Streaming and Visualization
  • Data Storage in CloudantDB (NoSQL DB)
  • Introduction to Serverless Applications
  • Explore IBM Cloud Functions
  • Build an IoT Application with Serverless Computing

Build an IoT Application with Serverless Computing

Day - 6: Cloud Native and Design Thinking 02nd October 2020

  • Introduction to containers
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Building container images
  • Using container registries
  • Running containers
  • The Kubernetes Ecosystem
  • Introduction to Red Hat OpenShift
  • Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes

Develop a cloud-native application and deploying it on Red Hat OpenShift using CI/CD features.

Projects Build-A-Thon

Choose a project based on your area of interest, follow the instructions, refer the resources and build the project.
(Project enrollment will be active on last day of 6 Days training program)

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Eligibility & Pre-requisites

  • Any faculty from India & interested in learning emerging technologies.
  • Any faculty from Engineering / Sciences / Business Schools / Polytechnics / ITI's / Atal Tinkering Labs / Schools
  • Minimum coding skills are necessary for hands-on sessions
  • Must register for the program before the last date of registration
  • Must have Laptop with Good Internet connectivity as it is a Virtual Hands-on Session
  • Must have basic understanding of Python Programming & DataScience concepts
  • Must register for IBM Cloud account

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There An Entry Fee?

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. GuruCool is completely free.

2. Who can participate in GuruCool program?

Any faculty, who is interested to learn & explore emerging technologies (IoT, Data Science, AI and Cloud). Faculty of engineering, diploma, Sciences, Business schools, Secondary Schools, etc. can participate in this program. Basic coding skills will be advantageous.

3. How does the 6 Days training will be organized?

The training program will be organized online via WebEx every day between 4:00pm to 8:00pm. You will receive an email with WebEx meeting links once the registration is successful.

4. What is project build-a-thon?

The project build-a-thon is a project development activity, where faculty will be enrolling in a project listed under various technology categories. SmartInternz platform has a project workspace where the respective project should be developed and submitted for mentor review. A detailed demo of the platform will be provided during the 6 Days training program.

5. Can I enroll for the projects on Day-1 of the program?

No. Project enrollment will be active on last day of 6 Days training program. A detailed orientation session on project build-a-thon will be organized on last day of the training program.

6. What if I don’t work on the project

This program includes both Training and Project development, it is mandatory to build & submit the project to receive the participation certificate.

7. Will there be any guidance provided to complete the projects?

Yes. IBM & SmartBridge mentors will be supporting you to build the projects.

8. How Will I Connect With Mentors?

We will be inviting you to Slack channel where you connect with IBM & SmartBridge mentors.

9. Can I participate in teams for Project Build-a-thon?

No. Project enrollments are individual; and every faculty must build & submit a project.

10. How does the projects will be evaluated?

Valid project submissions will be evaluated based on the working features, coding logic & layout, utilization of IBM services, external API’s, performance of models, richness of UI and project documentation.

11. Can I enroll students in this program?

No. GuruCool is an exclusive program for faculty. You can enroll students in exclusive project build-a-thon organized by IBM University Relations & SmartBridge for students. Go to the link

12. How can I avail IBM Academic Initiative benefits?

You can register with IBM Academic Initiative using your Institutional email ID, Example:, follow the steps as mentioned in this link ! to get benefits Link promocodes, course-ware, downloadable softwares etc.

13. When will I receive the prizes and certificates?

We will keep you posted with the information, please be aware that with COVID and government restrictions in place, couriers will be highly delayed. Rest assured they will reach you but will take time.

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