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Starts: 10th Aug 2020

Duration: 10 Days

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What Happens in

The fact that it is hard for Robotics enthusiasts to find a
proper channel to get expertise on ROS Framework.
So, we have curated a structured step by step
project-based learning experience.

This course guides you to learn about ROS Frame work and its libraries, working on Rviz and Gazibo Simulator. This helps for executing the models developed, Building 2 Wheeled Robot, Navigating & Mapping, Working with Turtle Bot3 Burger etc.


Program outcomes:

By the end of this course you will be able to understand

  • Robot project structure
  • Sensor integration to the robot and its importance
  • Robot communication process
  • Robot project considerations
  • Robot simulation considerations
  • Basics about ROS and Gazebo simulation
  • URDF and Xacro Creation
  • Robot Navigation and Mapping

How can this be beneficial for me?

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Program Agenda (10 Days Course)

Day 1

Introduction to Robotics
  • Introduction to Robotics
  • Classification of Robotics
  • Applications of Robotics in various industries
    • Manufacturing
    • Automobile
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Agriculture
    • Aerospace
    • Healthcare
    • Food processing units etc
  • Common types of industrial Robots based on Joint type
    • Articulated
    • Cartesian
    • Cylindrical
    • Polar
    • SCARA
    • Delta
  • Robotics manufacturing Companies
  • Important Considerations of robotics project

Day 2

Linux for Robotics
  • Introduction to the Linux
  • Linux Basics
    • Navigating through the filesystem
    • Amplification
    • Getting information about commands
    • Interacting with the filesystem
  • Advanced Utilities
    • Permissions
    • Command "chmod"
    • Linux Processes
    • ssh protocol (secure shell)
    • Commands "apt" and "sudo"
  • Introductions to ROS
  • Importance of ROS in industries
  • ROS based Robots a. Turtlebot3 burger b. Franka Emika Panda etc
  • ROS file system configuration

Day 3

ROS cheat sheet and ROS Workspace
  • ROS Cheat Sheet
  • Importance of catkin workspace
  • Navigating the ROS Filesystem
  • Creating Catkin workspace
  • ROS in built Packages

Day 4

ROS Topics
  • Creating ROS Package
  • Writing simple Publisher and Subscriber using python
    • Building your nodes
    • Creating ROS Topic message
    • Writing the Publisher topic
    • Writing the Subscriber topic

Day 5

ROS Services
  • Creating ROS Package
  • Writing a Simple Service and Client using python
    • Building your nodes
    • Creating ROS Service Message
    • Writing a Service server
    • Writing the Service Client

Day 6

Introduction to Rviz and Gazebo simulator
  • Introduction to GUI tools
  • Explanation about Rviz
  • Introduction to Gazebo and its features
  • Hands on exercise with model builder on gazebo for making robot world

Day 7

Building two wheeled Robot
  • Introduction to URDF and its properties
  • Basic syntax explanation
    • Links
    • Joint
    • Sensor etc.
  • Building two wheeled robot using URDF

Day 8

Integrating two wheeled Robot with LDS sensor and RGB Camera
  • Introduction to Xacro
  • Converting two wheeled robot URDF file into Xacro file
  • Introduction to Laser Distance Sensor
  • Integration of laser Distance sensor to the two wheeled robot
  • Object Detection through Laser rays
  • Introduction to RGB Camera plugin
  • View the Simulated environment with RGB Camera

Day 9

Navigation and Mapping
  • Introduction to Navigation and Mapping
  • Creating a 3D environment for Mapping on Gazebo
  • Introduction to gmapping
  • Navigation of two wheeled robot through the Trained map Environment

Day 10

Working with Turtlebot3 Burger
  • Introduction to Turtlebot3 burger
  • Features of Turtlebot3 Burger
  • Components of Turtlebot3 Burger
  • Specifications of Turtlebot3 Burger
  • Remote PC
  • Single Board Computer
  • OpenCR
  • Turtlebot3 Burger Package Installation
  • Basic operations
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Basic Plan

Rs. 3000 or $49

  • 40 Hrs Live Training
  • Project Support - 1
  • Mentor support (until course completion – 10 days)
  • Training Certificate [E Certificate]
  • Access to recorded videos (until course completion – 10 days)
  • Skill Badges
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Pro Plan

Rs. 3900 or $99

  • 40 Hrs Live Training
  • Projects Support - 2
  • Mentor support – 3 Months
  • Training Certificate [E Certificate]
  • Project Completion Letter [Printable]
  • Access to recorded videos – 3 Months
  • Hackathon Included
  • Skill Badges
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